DALI lighting

A complete and comprehensive lighting control solution

Clipsal DALIcontrol is a complete building-wide digital lighting control system built on the DALI standard.

DALIcontrol lighting systems are scalable, from single room control to complete buildings and provide a uniquely flexible approach to floor plan control.

Easy to install, configure and integrate, coupled with the savings and energy-efficiency benefits that DALIcontrol delivers, it’s clear that a Clipsal DALIcontrol system is a smart choice for commercial lighting control.

DALIcontrol lighting systems can be scaled from single rooms to complete buildings and campuses.  A basic system could consist of a few light fittings and a switch connected to a DALI power supply.

The switch provides on/off control and up/down dimming of the fittings. Minimal configuration is required and ballasts do not need to be individually addressed.

A grouped system consists of multiple ballasts individually addressed on a DALI Line, multiple Inputs on a DCBM Line Controller where they can be configured to provide switching and dimming as required.

Multiple DALI Lines can be linked together with DCBM DALI Line Controllers that combine DALI Lines onto an Ethernet backbone.

WHY DALIcontrol is recommended for building occupants and tenants

– Customised lighting preferences

– More comfortable lighting

– Individual control

– Easy modification

– Non-intimidating control inputs for easy and confident use


“DALI truly brings revolutionary improvements to lighting control – and subsequently, greatly enhances total building system control.”

Stuart Berjansky

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